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When You Should Hire A Foodservice Design Consultant

Opening and running a restaurant is risky. Even before the pandemic, research showed that as many as 17% fail within their first year. 19% will fail during their second, and 14% will fail during their third. While this isn't as bad as the 90% failure rate quoted by some sources, it's still a pretty significant number.

One of the biggest factors that contribute to this high failure rate is a lack of backing. Most restaurants don't become profitable until between six months and two years of operation. Those that fall into the latter half of that statistic can end up running out of money and failing before they're ever able to turn a profit. This picture doesn't have to be so grim, though — a foodservice design consultant can help restaurant owners create efficient designs that boost efficiency and cut down on dropped dishes and wasted food, preserving the restaurant's profit margins.


You know that a foodservice design consultant can help your restaurant, but what do they actually do? These consultants provide the expertise that architects or restaurant owners may not have, which can allow them to bridge the gap between aesthetics, efficiency, and safety. They are experts in the area of designing foodservice facilities.

The design consultants at ChefVue offer a unique approach to the restaurant owner and consultant relationship. They allow you to collaborate with them in real-time, which helps make the design process faster and easier. They also have designers and former chefs on staff, so your design won't just look good — it'll also be created with your employees' efficiency and safety in mind.

Designing a commercial kitchen is very different from designing a residential kitchen, or even a commercial dining room. Consultants like those at ChefVue understand these complexities and are fully prepared to help you create the best possible layout for your menu.


The best time to hire a design consultant was yesterday. The second-best time is now.

One of the biggest benefits of working with an experienced design consultant is knowing that your design will work the way you want it to right out of the gate. Without a consultant's help, you may run the risk of discovering that your layout and choice of fixtures aren't ideal for your employees, menu, or space.

If your employees are working in a less-than-ideal kitchen, then they run the risk of slips, falls, fatigue, dropped dishes, and wasted food. If you choose not to correct these deficiencies, these costs will continue to mount. If you do, it can lead to an expensive remodeling job and a lot of downtime. In some cases, a remodel is inevitable, in which case it's much better to get an expert design consultant's help and get the job done as soon as possible. ChefVue's innovative collaborative model lets you see and offer input on your design as it evolves, so there's no lengthy back-and-forth between you and their team of chefs and designers.


In most cases, talking to a design consultant involves giving them your vision for your space, your menu, and a list of the appliances and other fixtures that you may already have available to you. They'll help you work out a layout that works with your menu, suits your venue, and uses as many of your existing assets as possible.

A lot of the time, this can involve submitting information to a designer, waiting for a plan, offering corrections and other fixes, then waiting for an update. With ChefVue, there's virtually no waiting period. You collaborate with their team of experts in a shared design space, so you can see and guide your layout as it evolves.


If you own a foodservice venue, whether it's a restaurant, catering service, or healthcare facility, then you can benefit from a consultant's designs. If you're an architect planning a new commercial build, you can benefit from a consultant's designs. In short, if you have anything to do with the creation of a commercial kitchen, talking to a specialized foodservice design consultant can only help.

Even if you've been in the foodservice business for years, every venue and menu is unique. A design consultant can help you use your space to its full potential while saving you money and keeping your employees safe and comfortable. If you already have a design that you like, having a design specialist look it over can help you refine it into something truly exceptional.

A lot of things can eat into a restaurant's profits, contributing to their high rate of failure. Even before COVID, this was an unfortunate risk that was inherent to the industry. Give your foodservice facility all of the advantages it needs to succeed, including an efficient kitchen design from a professional foodservice design consultant.


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