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Just take a look at our client roster and you will see that we have worked with many prominent, respected, influential leaders in the foodservice industry. LaBel’s expert staff has worked at all levels of the foodservice industry and is led by Brad LaBel, a graduate of the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America.

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We Are Well-Connected

With more than twenty years of experience in foodservice equipment, commercial kitchen design, retrofitting, and project management across the northeastern United States, LaBel has built a comprehensive and expansive network of professionals. We deal with only the best vendors and contractors, guaranteeing quality every time.

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We Have a Proven Track Record

Our extensive portfolio consists of numerous projects, from small foodservice equipment replacements to the design and construction of high-profile 16,000 square-foot restaurants and social clubs — plus everything in between. For more than twenty years the hospitality industry has looked toward LaBel for their foodservice needs.

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We Are Innovators Who Solve Problems

Every foodservice project presents challenges. Unique spaces, infrastructure limits, and budgetary constraints are just a few common problems that demand creative solutions. Know that with an expert partner like LaBel in your corner, we’re ready to tackle any project and will not rest until we’ve met or exceeded your expectations.

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