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Bringing a vision for a great bar concept to life requires thoughtful planning and expert execution. From custom-built towers to endless options in back bar refrigeration and underbar design, LaBel has the experience and expertise to ensure that your commercial bar design is completed as envisioned, on time and on budget.

Bar Design

Commercial bar design

Our design team understands the complexity of commercial bar design. We know that every bar must be configured for maximum efficiency using a finite amount of space. It must adhere to all building and health codes and be set up to your establishment’s specific mixology menu. Whether you need a wine bar, beer bar, or cocktail bar, LaBel has you covered.

3D Renderings & Videos

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LaBel uses the latest VR software to create realistic 3D renderings of your space. Immerse yourself into your design with detailed, photorealistic views of your bar from every possible angle. We can also produce a walkthrough video that moves you through the new design just as your staff would experience it.

Modular Bars

Bar design modular bars

Unlike traditional bars that are installed on-site, modular bars are fully engineered and prefabricated to perfectly fit your space. This reduces installation time and makes it easier to access plumbing, electrical, and soda and beer lines. If you want to be up and running fast, a modular bar solution form LaBel may be the right solution for you.

Mixology Design

Mixology commercial bar design

Not every bar should be designed the same. Your establishment caters to a specific crowd and has its own unique drink menu with a specific set of ingredients. LaBel will design and configure your bar to your mixology profile, ensuring that your bartenders can work as efficiently as possible while giving your customers the best possible hospitality experience.


Commercial bar design consulting

Our design team relies on years of industry experience to come up with plans that maximize your location’s potential, and conform to all building, health, and safety codes. All of your chosen commercial bar equipment, smallwares, glassware, and beer tap equipment will match the aesthetic of your business and compliment your already-established brand.

Project Management

Commercial bar design project management

It’s difficult managing your day-to-day business while juggling appointments with contractors, inspectors, and en equipment vendors. Your time is important, so let LaBel act as a liaison to ensure that all parties involved in your commercial bar project are on the same page. We can clear up your schedule so you can focus on keeping your business running smoothly.

Our Bar Design Services

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  • Beer Dispensing
  • Refrigeration
  • Underbar
  • Glass Washing
  • Wine Dispensing
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Chillers & Coolers
  • Step-In Keg Coolers
  • Modular Bar Components
  • Storage & Drain Boards
  • Service Stations
  • Ice Chests
  • Sinks & Faucets
  • Smallwares
  • Bar Taps
  • Ongoing Support

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