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Covid 19 restaurant table dividers

Dining Solutions For Social Distancing

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Whether you operate a corporate cafeteria, restaurant, or a dining room inside an assisted living facility, today's post-pandemic world presents new challenges that need to be addressed before any foodservice business is ready to be open. Let LaBel update your common spaces with both temporary and permanent solutions that will help maintain proper social distancing, and keep both your staff and your patrons clean, healthy, and safe.


Covid 19 kitchen dining assessments

LaBel starts with a comprehensive on-site, or virtual, health assessment of your kitchen and dining spaces that will flag the "hot spots" in your location that need attention. Then we'll collaborate with you to come up with a retrofitting or renovation plan that is economical and addresses all of the changes and products you will need to reopen safely.

Retrofitting & Renovations

Covid 19 restaurant dining renovations

With decades of experience in the foodservice industry, LaBel can perform either basic retrofitting of your equipment and hardware or execute renovations of all sizes with minimal to no downtime. Plus, all of our outlined solutions will be compliant and follow all local, federal, and state guidelines. Let us transform your kitchen or dining area into a safer, more modern space for you and your patrons.

Sanitation & Health

Restaurant dining sanitation health products

Our extensive pool of trusted suppliers gives us access to a wide variety of sanitation and health products that will help to transform your dining and kitchen space into a safer, healthier environment. From static and mobile hand sanitizer and handwashing stations, to "no-touch" electronic sensor faucets, and everything in between, LaBel has you covered.

Portable Products

Social distancing floor decals

Whether used permanently or temporarily until larger renovations can be completed, LaBel's portable and mobile social distancing products will help bring your kitchen or dining area closer to compliance. We can supply plexiglass table dividers in a wide variety of configurations, social distancing floor decals, mobile food carts and coffee bars, food pickup lockers and shelving, and so much more.

Innovative Concepts

Innovative concepts covid 19

During this "new normal" LaBel, along with our trusted vendors, are discovering and developing new solutions and equipment every day. That means if you have a challenge that you have yet found a solution for, just let us know. Our years of foodservice experience gives us the knowledge and skills you need for us to innovate a new solution to help you comply with COVID-19 requirements.

Jobsite Safety

Jobsite health safety

Now that LaBel is working onsite again, we have made sure that our teams are equipped with the knowledge and PPE to keep themselves, and our clients, safe. From wearing masks and gloves, and having their temperatures are taken daily, LaBel is taking all of the necessary precautions outlined by OSHA and the CDC to ensure that our staff is healthy and prepared to get your job done right.

Our Social Distancing Services & Products

Consultations. Assessments. Fulfillment

  • COVID-19 Assessments
  • Renovations & Retrofitting
  • Food Shields & Sneezeguards
  • Restaurant Booth Partitions
  • Sanitation & Health Products
  • Plexiglass Table Dividers
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations
  • Electronic Sensor Faucets
  • Mobile Hand Washing Stations
  • Social Distancing Floor Decals
  • Mobile Food Delivery Carts
  • Mobile Coffee Carts
  • Food Pickup Lockers
  • Food Pickup Shelving
  • PPE Supplies
  • Portable Safety Products

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