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COVID-19 Resources For New York Restaurants

March 26, 2020  |  Foodservice Industry

Covid 19 new york restaurant resources

As a hotbed of COVID-19 cases, New York has seen a lot of businesses struggling to cope. Fortunately for restaurant owners and staff, there are a lot of resources out there to help them weather the crisis:

Healthcare and Disease Prevention

The more experts learn about the virus, the more we know about how to combat it and limit its spread. Take care and find out how you can help prevent infection.

Mental Health Resources

The fallout from the pandemic can affect us mentally, even if we're fortunate enough to avoid getting sick. With the suspension of many support groups and other mental health organizations, resources like these are more important than ever.

Restaurant Worker Relief

Many restaurant workers have been furloughed, or else had their hours greatly reduced. Workers who depend on tips are also suffering from a lack of guests. These funds offer help to those impacted by the crisis.

Small Business Owner Relief

These relief measures are designed specifically with small business owners in mind, to help restaurant owners keep their businesses running.

Tax, Insurance, and Legal Resources

From the CARES act to insurance claims, there are a lot of legalities to navigate. These resources can help make things a little clearer and easier to deal with.

Organization and Advocacy Efforts

Help ensure that official policies are as effective and comprehensive as possible, and make your voice heard as a small business owner.

Government Resources

Official releases of the latest information.

If you're struggling through the new social distancing and work restrictions imposed because of the pandemic, you aren't alone. These resources and organizations can help you stay safe and healthy while you do your part to limit the spread of the virus.

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